Meet Our Leaders

Todd and his wife have 7 children together and 4 grandchildren. Todd has worked as an Automation Controls Engineer in Iowa for the last 29 years and a little over 11 years ago heard God call him into ministry. He was an associate pastor at Radiant Church before coming to Cedar Falls to lead Jordan Crossing church. Pastor Todd has a BS degree in Computer Science and Business and Masters of Divinity (MDiv)from Liberty University. Todd and Christy’s passion are the least of these among us and seeing people enter into a relationship with Jesus and grow in their understanding of His love for them.

Todd Berner

Chairman, Lead Pastor

Christy and Pastor Todd have 7 children and 4 grandchildren. Christy has a passion for children and her biggest desire is for children to know that Jesus loves them and that He is always with them. She loves to see children get excited when learning about Jesus and help them to learn their Bible verses and understand the stories of the Bible and how they apply their lives. Luke 18:16 “Jesus called the followers to Him and said, “Let the little children come to Me. Do not try to stop them. The holy nation of God is made up of ones like these.”

Christy Berner

Children's Ministry Leader

Barb and her husband Dave have been married for 47 years, they have been blessed with two children and seven grandchildren. Barb taught Children Church for 32 years as her passion is for children to experience Jesus and His great love for them. She is working in the Nursery currently providing a safe and secure environment for the little ones. She enjoys worshipping and praising the Lord with like-minded Christians for all Christ has done for us there is something very special, Spirit filled about worshipping together. She also like the way everyone looks out for one another at Jordan Crossing Church from bringing meals when someone is sick to anonymous donations for groceries, medical bills, utility bills, car repairs etc. She seen many miraculous miracles through the years. She has seen children walk who the doctors said will never walk, she has witnessed a young boys brain tumor disappear after prayers for a few examples. Barb has experienced Jordan Crossing Church to be a gathering place for love, support, fellowship, learning/training and celebrations.  Jesus is our example. He went to church according to Luke 4:16. How much more do we need to attend?   

barb Bruns


Phil’s partnership with Jordan Crossing Church began about 13 years ago. He has served the movement as a board member, trustee, Sunday school teacher, and an occasional lay speaker. Following Phil’s B.A. degree in Social Science and a few years in the workplace, he earned a Master of Divinity degree. Then He pastored two United Methodist Churches for three years. He returned to the workplace still having 6 children under his supervision.

As the care pastor, he has visited people in their homes, nursing and hospital facilities.  He enjoys visiting and lending a hand when able. He is interested in sharing his faith in Jesus at Jordan Crossing Church and on mission trips. After 24 years in the Cedar Valley, he is well able to connect with you about your needs and any spiritual question that you may have. Phil is always ready to serve!

Phil Hanson

Secretary, Care Ministry Leader

Ed came to the corner of 2nd and Walnut in the late 80’s and he like the friendships and the hearts of the people at what was then called Faith. Ed believes there is something special happening at Jordan Crossing, and that the Holy Spirit is moving in this “Come as you are church” as it is a safe and judgement free place for people to come and meet Jesus.

Ed Berry

Local Board Administration Member

Lebon & Melissa Mulangaliro

Lebon is our Director of Outreach (

Melissa is our worship leader